Posted: November 11, 2015 9:06am

I had lots of time to check out  the shops in Spain as the weather was so bad, so I headed to the main branch of Uterque in Puerte Banus.

Part of the Zara group, the collection is really strong and made for real women, nothing skimpy or too trendy here, with a lot of the items going from XS to XL.

The collection is what I hope Marks and Spencers would produce, great quality well cut clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

I think the brand excels  in trousers, shirts and shoes.

I fell in love with some grey peg legged wool trousers, a pair of the softest burgundy coloured leather trousers, a divine sweater with fur appliqué, not to mention a fabulous white shirt with a tassel effect.

The boots and shoes are really comfortable, I came away with these grey cloth shoes, which are so Miu Miu and I can pair with socks in Winter.

unnamed (5)


The pieces above are as good as designer pieces, that would cost a lot more and the quality and finish is a real step up from Zara .

The prices is Spain were a lot more reasonable, so if you are in Spain it is worth checking out in store, otherwise they have a great online shop and it is one to watch in the Sales.




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