Posted: July 11, 2016 5:27am

We have decamped to Spain and one thing I wont have to worry about is tanning. I love to wear shorts but my legs just don’t tan, I have tried but they just go a motley shade of red. I apply fake tan, ever second day from April onwards!

van-t tan

Over the years, I have tried them all over the years. I use three different ones depending on the time of year and how dark I want to be.  Vita Liberata, is amazing ,   Comodynes, I adore too as it is  so easy to apply.

vani-t tan

As it is Summer and I want a deeper colour, I am using Vani-t tan , it gives you the deepest most natural looking tan. It is organic, which as I apply it so often and my skin is so sensitive, very important to me. It is hard to find, I have only tracked it down to one place and you can order it online from Keep Beautiful. Let me know if you find it anywhere else.

The romper is from a brand called the The Jet Set Diaries, it is a cross between a shirt and a jumpsuit, it is last season but check out this white lace version, which I am so tempted to order.

I love the Vani-t Velocity Rapid mist and it costs around £26 and it can be washed off within an hour so no stained sheets!





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