Posted: October 9, 2014 6:33am

I have had an obsession about owning a velvet jumpsuit for years, I love the old school glamour of it and the fact that it is an instant outfit, no accessorizing is needed, which when you have to make a quick exit,  key to me!

Pucci did a fabulous one but at budget busting prices and when I eventually tracked it down to the Outnet it was not in my size!

I feel the velvet jumpsuit is akin to the little black dress and as I struggle with dresses and the whole tights issue, this look  is such a winner for me !





I was so excited when I found this version at H&M but I didn’t get my hopes up as velvet is tricky, if it is not cut right or the material heavy enough it can look pantomime like.

This one is perfect, a great fit and heavy velvet with a flattering neckline and cut to the trousers.


hmprod (6)



I dressed this on my night out to Cafe Royal with a Louboutin heel and was ready to go. It is such an easy outfit and I know will carry me through the Christmas Party season.









I have collected the following other options so take a look and let us know what you think!

I am now on the lookout for a white velvet suit ..


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