Posted: December 17, 2017 4:30pm

My abhorrence of tights is well documented.  I like them on other people but I hate the feel of them myself.  This limits the dresses and skirts I can wear in Winter.

The one shape that I do wear and doesn’t make me feel either overdressed or mumsy is the long sleeve wrap dress.  Your arms are covered, it is flattering around the waist and best of all, it feels like you are wearing your dressing gown!

Vintage from Clerkenwell Vintage
Vintage from Clerkenwell Vintage

I bought mine at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair and they do pop up on Etsy, I have added a few to my Wish List like the gorgeous vintage 1950’s gown below.  


Obviously, Attico (all are on sale now) and Peter Pilotto have captured the top end.  I also saw a gorgeous dark green velvet dress at Stella (pictured below) and a lovely one from Racil (love the neck line) – on sale now at Browns.  Forte Forte is another brand which excels in velvet.



There are loads of mid-price options like The Becky from Ghost, which comes in a sublime navy.


ASOS – if you don’t like the maxi check out the shorter tuxedo length.  They have so many, as do French Connection and I am heading out to check out the one shoulder piece that I spotted online, featured below.

velvet 3

Zara also have a lovely striped velvet dress, it has just gone online today and they have done their own take on the Attico dress too.


I wear a body under it as it stops the tie opening and it also gives a flatter line.  Triumph are my favourites as they are wearable and work brilliantly under clothing.


I wear my Christian Dior boots. I spotted another pair  on ebay for £70.  They are really comfortable and give an edge to the outfit.  I buy most of my heels preloved, just search for ‘Shoe Boot’ and you will find a top end designer one like Dior for the same price as you would pay in Zara.


In addition, I would just wear a biker jacket and an oversized scarf  or a kimono cardigan.  You have to dress this look down otherwise there is the danger that you can look like an aged Debutante!

CWSG 7-11-17-0088

I love this look as it is making an effort but you are still super comfortable and I know if I feel trussed up, or overdressed, I usually just end up taking the dress off and wearing my jeans!



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