Posted: November 14, 2014 7:36am



Gluten Freedom

Jonty’s activity week was a resounding success, despite his claims that he didn’t like competitive endeavours, turns out he was bloody good at them, much to the delight of Verity – “Susan, you really have to see the boy in action – he’s going to be a star, I’m certain of it! What’s that? His diet? Hmm, you’re right if he’s to hit the peak of athletic prowess we’ll have to get him on the right diet – right now!” Verity immediately hung up the phone, she didn’t even say goodbye to her friend, and raced towards the kitchen, notepad in hand.


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The next day, Verity sped towards Jonty’s school with more vigour than if she had a new haircut to show off, no this was far more important than merely being the greatest fashionista – this could potentially be the future of British sport! The pride of a nation was in her hands!



“Headmaster Mackie – I demand a look at your school menu, I simply can’t be having Jonty eat anything that will hinder his career as the country’s finest sportsman”. “Ms Blake, please be assured that your son will receive the healthiest school meals in the country, here at Hallstead we pride ourselves on serving only the fines…” Before Headmaster Mackie could finish Verity cut him off in a flash of fluster – “I don’t have time for this spiel, if you won’t cater for my boy’s dietry requirements I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!”. With that, Verity stormed out of the headmaster’s office and started crafting a healthy packed lunch regime in her mind, with gluten, it’s safe to say, way off the menu.



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