Posted: September 26, 2016 4:26am

Jo a great friend of mine tipped me off to Maria Tash, I was fascinated, I loved the idea of adding a bit of edginess to my look but I was held back by the waiting list and the fear of the pain, they might inflict. Jo has managed to get a spot and she will be reporting back for us next week! It got me thinking about earrings though.

maria tash

I  am not sure,  I can carry this  multi pierced look off, I adore the mini hoops but they are expensive, you  can check out Maria Tash at Liberty and I will feature how Jo got on next week.

Earrings were on our discussion list last week, when I sat down with Hannah Stafford Taylor, who will   contributing regularly to Catwalkschoolgates ( she has a second child due at any time but she has promised to keep sharing her tips with us) .

This woman is beautiful, kind, a savvy shopper but best of all she  has a sublime eye for where to spend and where not to. She is the woman, on the School Run, who is wearing something we all want, looking stylish but never a slave to fashion.

hannah stafford taylor
Hannah Stafford Taylor

After chatting last week, I now feel armoured to embrace earrings, I was scared but now  with Hannah’s tips , I no longer worry about looking like a crazed middle aged woman, with dangly bits hanging off her ears.

Why earrings?

  1. We need to use the clothes we already have and adding a great pair of earrings, changes to look of an outfit.
  2. Throw on a pair of statement earrings and you only need minimum ‘getting ready’ time and you can keep your make up simple.
  3. The right earrings make you feel happy when you put them on and bring light and interest to your face.
What to buy?
 Earrings 2016
Hannah has included pairs she would wear on holiday from Rosantica .
I am lusting after a dangly gold pair to wear with a white shirt or t-shirt or black polo neck. The triangular pair are from Aurelie Bidermann from the Net a Porter sale . I have seen a gorgeous pair from Dinny Hall for £65 at the Brand Outlet.
Check out The Hoop Station, for really well priced earrings, I have featured Georgiana Scott before and I love the quality and price point of her jewellery. She is introducing a new Italian range which are very similar to the earrings featured above.
georgiana scott
The Hoop Station by Georgiana Scott
I am lusting after the round pair above from Anisa Kermiche, I have seen them on Hannah and they are show stoppers, they are a statement, contemporary, yet staunchly classic in their feel. That is what I want for Christmas!
Next week Hannah and I will be talking about hair, what to do when you are stuck in a hair rut.


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