Posted: January 4, 2016 8:18am

I adore Vestiaire Collective, it is the place to find designer pieces, some worn and some are unworn. It is like a curated version of Ebay.

But how to use it? My advice is to set up alerts and then you will get an email when the item comes online – otherwise it can be overwhelming .

I have bought so many of my classic shoes from Vestaire, be they Valentino, Gucci or Gianvitto Rossi. I have found them online for a fraction of the retail price, and in two cases the shoes were unworn.


2015-10-13 16.26.12-2

These Valentino heels above, cost one hundred pounds from Vestiaire and were unworn. I love the ankle strap and the classic patent finish. I know…still not cheap. But I will have them forever and they hold their value. I will be able to resell them if I do tire of them for the same price. I always use a home dry cleaning spray to sanitize any used pairs of shoes.

2015-10-13 16.29.28

2015-10-13 16.29.32

These Gucci Clogs above were worn a couple of times when I got them from Vestiaire, and as the new fur version sold out in days, this pair were a great take on the trend. To be honest  I prefer this vintage version.

I think you all read about my obsession with the Gianvitto Rossi Vamp, and the pair I found on Vestiaire were unworn and 50% cheaper than the current price.

2015-10-20 09.06.48

2015-10-20 09.08.40

The big upside is that you know they are authentic as they are checked before they are sent out to you. The down side is that you may have to wait a little longer. Vestiaire Collective depend on the seller sending the item to them. The longest I have waited is three weeks, but on average I have waited two weeks. They do have a Ready to Ship section if you need something urgently.

So why use Vestaire and not eBay? Well, my advise is to use both; there is a bigger volume of the high end items on Vestaire, so you are more likely to find the item you are looking for.

Vestaire is also a great source of those sold out pieces, as the fashionistas sell them to move onto the next ‘in’ thing. I found my Chanel trainers there as they sold out in store straight away. I have since sold  mine and kept the cash to invest in the slingback.


Don’t forget to make offers – I do and sometimes you just have to wait for the seller to reduce the price to one you can afford.

At the moment I am tracking down a pair of the sought after Chanel slingbacks! They are comfortable, a classic and I love them with denim and skirts.  They are sold out everywhere and unless you have an insider at Chanel, really tough to get your hands on.  They will appear on Vestaire Collective, as the ‘in girls’ move on to the next trend or update last years pair with the newest version. I have set my alert and will let you know if I tack down a pair.

Another option is vintage, Ebay have some and they are a lot less expensive than this latest model but you get the same feel. Just avoid the pointy toe ones, as it is all about the round toe .


Chanel Slingback
Chanel Slingback

Again I am happy to answer any questions you have as I have been using Vestiaire for years now!

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