Posted: December 10, 2014 10:48am

I wavered for ages before I bought this jumpsuit but in the end the cut and the detailing were just to unique to leave behind.

I bought this in a great boutique in Los Angeles in one of thes best shopping streets Abbot Kinney, where wearing vinatge is much more popular than here.  This is a reconditioned 70’s jumpsuit.

This is a hard piece to style, as it is so ecletic, I think it is best to style it in a more  sophicticated fashion, I have paired it with a gorgeous pair of shoe boots and my coat of the moment form Sportmax.










Nothing is more flattering on any skin tone than winter white.




I have come to love vintage but I understand how hard it is to get it right. I have picked out some  beautiful pieces I have found in Asos as well as Faretch. ASOS facilite small boutiques to sell their vintage finds through their platform.  I love Farfetch as they have a huge amount of great vintage pieces from a large range of european shops, these are a bit pricier.

IF you need a hand styling them contact Deborah as she is the best person I know for adding a modern twist to vintage.


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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter