Posted: January 27, 2015 8:01am

I have spoken before,  about how I have been so tempted to have botox but this urge has gone now that I am on the Dr Lancer regime, I will be doing a follow up on the facial routine next week.

Today I want to share with you the body care regime.  Most of us are happy to spend money on facial products but we tend to scrimp  on the body. I think I got away with this for years but now in my mid forties, my routine needed a revamp.




We have all seen the sagging knees of Demi Moore or Sarah Jessica Parker’s blue veined hands, all signs that give away your age, regardless of how much you work out or how line free your hands are.





I also hate the ‘chicken skin’, the little raised red bumps as well as skin tags, that you see on some people as they age and I am not ready to succumb to this.

I think it is the cold and maybe my age but my skin is really flakey in places and it just does not have the same feel or texture that it used to have.

Since the results of the facial products have been so good, I felt confident to invest in the body products.





The proceedure is the same as for the face, you use a scrub daily and then a cleanser , I know this  sounds like too much trouble but the products are easy to use and  smell divine.

You then use the body cream, it is like using liquid gold, it is so rich but sinks in straight away and  leaves a gentle gleam on your skin.

They are available at Space NK again I bought all my own products, you have to ask in the branch or call up as the scrub and cleanser are not online.

I have been adhering to this routine for two weeks now and my skin is much softer and the texture has improved dramatically.

Normally I start this kind of routine, a week before I have to wear a bikini but this year I am giving myself lots of time, I love to wear shorts and I can see the improvement on the areas normally effected by cellulite .




If you find that it is too expensive to invest in all the products at the same time, Dr Lancer recommends you start with the Body Scrub and then you can use a cheaper brand of Cleanser such as Dove Visible Care or Aveeno Strees Body Relief .

His book is really informative and also he always provides cheaper alternatives,which means no one is excluded.

Dr Lancer recommends Aveeno daily moisturiser or Eucerin Skin Calming Moisturiser if you want more affordable body moisturiser options.




I bought all these Dr Lancer products myself and this post is not sponsored.

This regime and brand has changed my skin and after trying so many and feeling like I was wasting my money, here is a brand that works. I fell my skin is as good as it can be and that the improvement is something I can sustain, I have done those more invasive proceedures before and you do get a quick improvement but it does not last.



The robe by Aloe is by is one of the most beautiful things I own!! Everyones lives are so filled with stress it is important you put some time aside for yourself, there are no short cuts and there will always be excuses to put yourself further down the list. Make looking after your skin a priority and you will seee the difference.

Please let me know how you get on .



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