Posted: February 5, 2015 7:44am

When you see someone on the street with glossy hair , what you really want to do is go up to them and ask them what products they are using, well that’s what I would do!

After three weeks of using this new all organic natural hair care range from Iluxe Saint-Barthelemy, I have been stopped on a daily basis and this has never happened to me before.

I have very dry over processed hair that is very hard to manage, so when I was asked to trial this new brand ILuxe Saint-Barthelemy I jumped at the chance. You can see below, how brittle my hair was before I started on the range, I think being 44 is impacting my hair and it is a lot less robust.


Hair very dry before using products
Hair very dry before using products


Before I started the review I met the knowledgeable co-founder Jessica Pires and she ran me through how to use the products. Jessica’s own hair is simply beautiful, she can wash and go, so this obviously spurred me on to try the brand. I am addicted to having my  hair blow dried but in reality I long to be one of those girls that showers, ties her hair up and goes!! Lets see what happens.


ILuxe Saint- Barthelemey




illux Saint Barthelemy


The brand is completely natural and works by removing all the build up from your hair such as silicon for example.

Most products we use contain additives such as  silicon, it is what gives hair that initial shine and softness but after years of piling on different products my hair just seemed dull.

Jessica explained it is like leaving make-up on your skin and we all know how that leaves your face looking.

The silicon and other chemicals in most shampoos and conditioners leave the hair  coated so that the hair cannot breath or absorb anything that will really improve it longterm

In London we are also landed with very hard water that does nothing for a glossy mane.

The product maker is the renowned hairdresser Christophe Fostokjian and with a base in Saint Barthelemy he draws on nature and in particular Tahitian Ginger as the key ingredient for this product range.




So to the practicalities:

1) As this product is completely natural, the first time you use it there was no lather and you have to use lots of water, this was slightly unnerving but I went with it.

There are different ranges but I was using the Paradis for dry damaged hair.

2) After the shampoo the hair felt a bit brittle to the touch but once I used the mask the hair felt great.

3) There is a serum which I am addicted to, by the way,  I use it to tame stray hairs and as an added kick when my hair is really feeling dead. The serum is great for taking on a sun or ski holiday as it really protects the hair.


Hair Serum


3) Jessica shared with me her top tip to rescue your hair, mix the shampoo, mask or conditioner ( I use the Mask) as my hair is really dry and the serum and leave it on for 10 minutes, the results are astounding…back to super soft hair and all in one step.

4) The first time we used the product, the hair was harder to blow dry but the shine was extraordinary, as the weeks went by it was like my hair got used to the products and it was much easier to manage.

5) You do get extra body too which made my hair look a lot thicker.

I want to thank Ego hair salon in Queens Park for giving me the insights from a hairdressers perspective and for looking after my hair so well!




I also love that I can use this product on my kids, making packing simple and they smell divine.

I am converted, I feel like I have the kind of hair I had in my twenties and after years of blow dry’s I believe my hair is healthy enough now to venture out au naturel.




Presently the brand is available on line, the product is on the more expensive end of the spectrum but you don’t need a lot of the product and it really works.

This is not a sponsored post, this is a brand I use daily and am happy to share.



illuxe Saint BArthelemy


Please send me any pictures or let me know how you get on with the products, I will give you a further update in a few weeks on how I get on.

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