Posted: March 3, 2015 9:52am

I have a lot of clothes, it has got better since I have started selling the ones I don’t wear on Ebay but I still stare at overfilled rails every morning and end up wearing 10% of my wardrobe. Not only are my clothes rails a mess, worse are my shoes still all piled up in boxes.

This is where Deborah from DSTD comes in,  she cleanses your wardobe of the pieces you don’t wear and helps you build outfits with what remains. She is not the typical stylist I have used in the past, who is more interested in getting you to buy more, she builds a relationship with her clients, the first being the refresh step, which she feels is the key to making a lasting change to your wardrobe.

She also helped me decide, the pieces that needed to be altered and has someone who will come to your house to do this, these pieces had languished in my wardrobe on my to do list your months if not years!


2015-02-25 20.10.18

If you have pieces you want sold or dropped to a charity, she can bring along someone to do that for you, so you are not left with a pile of things you don’t know what to do with.

After a morning, I was left with a super organized wardrobe, we also had a laugh which is important. This Deborah calls her reboot, which is again different to other stylists who tend to ignore the pieces you already have.

Deborah pointed out the areas where I am repeat buying ( jumpsuits!!) and need to stop and also identifies which pieces are missing, which would finish outfits or tie things together.


2015-02-25 20.10.32


2015-02-25 20.10.28


The next stage is to head off shopping with her and I cannot wait!! This is my favourite stage , the reboot where you start afresh with a mix of pieces from your own wardrobe finished off with the pieces Deborah helps you find.

Then she will take photos of the outfits and you can have them ready by your wardobe in the mornings to save time.

2015-02-25 20.10.42


2015-02-25 20.10.36


2015-02-25 20.10.34


Now that Spring is around the corner it is important to clearout before you start getting attracted by all the new seasons pieces. I am like a magpie always attracted to the new and shiny and it is good to have someone look at your wardrobe with a new set of eyes .

This is such a great investment, as since the appointment I am now wearing a much bigger proportion of my wardrobe. This stops you running out buying more things and also I now know what I need to buy to create more  outfit options with what I already have .

This is something you could do with some friends over a glass of wine otherwise it will remain a task on that every growing list!

Below are the three pairs she identified that I hadn’t worn in years.

2015-02-25 20.10.48


Her Favourite Shoe my Aldo pair
Her Favourite Shoe my Aldo pair


So what was missing ??

1) A couple of pairs of shoes with a heel that I can actually use during the day, instead of trainers.

2) Tops to go with my array of white trousers

3) A cocktail dress

4) New White T-shirts

So next week Deborah will be taking me out to have a look for these pieces!

If you want to contact Deborah, please checkout her website .



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