Posted: November 7, 2020 2:16pm

With the next lock down upon us and shops closed again we are back to relying on online websites.

I would love to declare that I will be filling my time learning a new language, or something equally pious, but the honest truth is that cruising clothes online will be one of my main evening occupations!

Let’s be honest, the arrival of a new package will be one of the highlights of the next long four weeks.

So the reality is that it will be even more important to create yourself a list and STICK TO IT.  Don’t get sidetracked,  if you do, send it back if it isn’t perfect.

Think, be realistic about what you are going to get a chance to wear in the next few weeks and hold off any big purchases, unless you think it will sell out, just leave them in your virtual basket.  10% doesn’t cut it, wait for the 30% which will be just around the corner.

I am going to give you an example, from reviewing one of my friends wardrobes, which I hope highlights my approach.

Jayne and I worked through my friend Jo’s wardrobe and this is what we found:  Some parts might be relevant to you, but I think it is the approach that is important.

We started with the key investment pieces that she had already purchased and then built outfits around them.  What came out very quickly is that she was missing a grey heel that would go with jeans, joggers and trousers and would be less heavy than her existing black pairs.  She also wanted a wearable heel height.

A grey suede heel is so flexible yet tricky to find.  The ones below from Manolo Blahnik are perfect and they come in a shoe option too, if you are not a fan of mules.  Yes these are expensive, but Jo has cleared out lots of pairs of shoes she just didn’t wear in order to off set the expense.  The reality is, there was nothing similar on the market which ticked all the boxes, and they were almost sold out, so in this case it was worth buying full price.

We decided on the pair below from Manolo Blahnik

Another area where we isolated gaps was on tops.  Jo had a lot of black tops which she felt drained her and wanted to embrace something with a softer colour.  She also had a lot of blouses which look fantastic with jeans, but can look a bit too formal when paired with trousers.  It also helped that Jo kept gravitating to a taupe sweater that she had bought earlier in the season.  When you find that key piece, look for similar pieces of the same ilk as you then end up with an array of items that you will actually look forward to wearing.

Another brand worth checking out is Maison Margiela.  Their simple grey sweater is the perfect shade of grey.  Arch4 is another brand which works for Jo as well as Allude.  I also spotted a lovely sweater from King and Tuckfield.

The White Company is also definitely worth checking out this season as they have fully embraced the new season collared shapes.

What we tried to do was introduce Jo to new brands that she might not have heard of, but based on items she already had and she loved wearing.  With us all being at home more, getting good knitwear becomes even more important, and finding pieces that you can also wear out (once we are released) is even more useful.

Don’t forget Ebay, I am not a big fan of jumpers as I am always warm, in the past I would have been knee deep in these collared sweaters but I know a great cardigan is better in my wardrobe. I have bought one from Johnson’s of Elgin ( another tip from Jayne). It is so important to know your brands when looking preloved.

We also spotted that Jo didn’t possess a simple white shirt; a great edition to any wardrobe.  I am loving Toteme’s version this season or Nili Nolan have a lovely option too.  Again, these can be worn at home to cheer up a simple pair of joggers.

Another lovely blouse is from Isabel Marant.  It’s actually well priced for the brand, not too formal and you can wear it during the daytime.

Trousers are so tricky to get right.  I have often bought pairs but when it comes to getting dressed I habitually reach for jeans or joggers instead.  So, it’s about finding a pair that are flattering and comfortable.  One of the brands to check out is Connolly, they pride themselves in creating trousers that give you a great waist and are slimming on the legs.  You really only need one great pair.  Also check out Officine Generale (another tip from Jayne) – amazing for trousers and blazers.

A great cardigan was also a gap we found, I adore this one from ETRO on the OUTNET.  This is a forever piece.

Other options are from AMI Amalia I adore this Cardigan coat in Navy.

Whistles have a wonderful edit of cashmere worth checking out, and they already have started their sale.

A great pair of leggings is something we identified as a gap, the Ninety Percent ones are definitely worth checking out.

The key is to buy less and buy better.  I know, a bit of a slogan, but it it’s truly the key to a a wardrobe you will cherish.  Social media wants us to keep shopping and shopping, but what we actually need to do is to research more before we press BUY!


  1. When will I wear it and what will the item go with?  Is it the best in class?
  2. Check details, fabrics, buttons etc.  When you truly examine most products the neckline often doesn’t work, or the waistband is strange or the item is too baggy/tight fitting
  3. Ensure whatever you buy goes with other items in your wardrobe; yes it’s a bit of a pain to get up from your screen and dig around in your wardrobe, but it will save you time and money in the long run



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