Posted: April 5, 2015 9:15am

This week it is all about how to wear shorts, at 44 I still wear them and at the beach I have no problem but in the city, I am think I may be starting to venture into mutton territory, so I have been looking for ways to still wear  shorts but to feel comfortable.



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I discovered We are Leone at Avenue 32 and instantly realized that here is the perfect way to wear shorts and feel comfortable in the evening and during the day in the city. We are Leone does these gorgeous silk coats, they come in lots of different lengths and colours.

These coats are all 100% silk and cut to make an impression, there is nothing hippish about the look they have created, it is pure glamour.

The shorts are vintage Chanel from Covetique and the top is by my favourite blogger Jules   and the shoes are by the Brand Outlet  and bag is Chloe the Elise.

The sunglasses are by The Row from Outnet

This coat can be worn over jeans or a shorter dress too!

There are so many options I have selected a few of my favourites below, wishing you all a great Easter break and fingers crossed for sunshine.



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