Posted: October 29, 2014 9:12am

I have got too used to the sunshine and with the fabulous indian summer we have had, it is a wake up call to have to deal with the constant downpours of late.

I fell in love with the Miu Miu rain boots pictured in the header and am hoping to pick a pair up in the sale.




It is crucial to be prepared, otherwise you spend the winter feeling rained on and anything but glamorous.

The key is to buy the best parka you can afford , you will never regret it and the value per wear is off the scale .

Don’t buy  a parka with fake fur,  avoid it all together if you don’t like fur.

Also my good friend Ciara, got me into great rain boots, she had the most amazing pair from Ferragamo. All the designers do them now and the wellingtons are mostly much more affordable than the leather equivalent.



gwen parka (1)



Alexander McQueen faux fur lined parka.

Burberry  studded holloway rain boots

Vanessa Bruno AtheBertrand fur trimmed parka

Alexander McQueen metal skull handle umbrella 

Burberry brit  Ackmar Chelsea rain boots

Belstaff  cora hooded rubberized cotton cape

Givenchy ‘eva” rain boots

H&M parka in a textured weave 




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