Posted: October 11, 2014 8:37am

I have so many clothes but the ones I get most wear out are my workout ones.

Getting up just after six every morning and often dressing in a daze with kids and a dog to deal with doesn’t leave room for wardrobe decisions.

Often if I don’t have a meeting I will swear them all day, maybe with a change of shoes .

Even if you are going to the office, you should revamp this area of your wardrobe as it is perfect weekend attire !

I hope you like the collage we put together and please share with us any other great fitness  brands out there.





My top tips

1) I know there are lots of coloured workout wear out there but I think that black is easier to wear and is a lot more slimming

2) Try the new leggings with the lace inserts these are from: MICHI spiral leggings and the Life Legging 

3) Spend money on your trainers as they are what people see and lift an put fit.  I have my eye on both of these

Yohji boost sneakers and the Balenciaga sneakers 

4) A great sweatshirt is the way to layer this look , I have ordered this one: Retail Therapy black and 5 Preview

5) Invest in a small bag to carry your ipod, keys and phone,then not lugging around a big bag or forgetting them on the treadmill

6) I know my hair is not at its best after a workout so buy a cap!

7) I love this hooded scarf as a great cross between a scarf and and as most jackets don’t have hoods is a saviour on days when it rains.


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