Posted: February 3, 2016 10:15am

I would love you to think about supporting Wellbeing of Women, there are so many charities out there but this is one that is so wellcoming, well run and the research funded by the charity, is making such a difference to women’s lives.

Wellbeing of Women support research, into women’s health at all stages of our lives.  Women have and still continue to suffer in silence and this charity is all about funding research that finds solutions.

These figures reiterate what we and our friends and family face and show  how crucial the work is, that is being funded by the charity.

1 in 2 women in the UK will suffer from some kind of reproductive or gynaecological health problem
17 babies a day die in the UK at or near birth (they are either stillborn or die shortly after birth)
145 women a week in the UK die of a gynaecological cancer
2 million women suffer the pain of endometriosis
1 in 3 women will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives
1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage
Women remain embarrassed to talk about these types of health problems, even with their doctors.

There is not one of us, who hasn’t been touched by one of these problems.

Wellbeing of Women
At the Wellbeing Lunch

This charity funds research,  to find cures and better treatment for issues ranging from infertility, cervical cancer to managing the menopause.  Since I have become involved with the charity, I have become so much more educated about women health issues, I am learning facts not being scared my old wives tales or newspaper headlines.

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Thank you Sinead for Introducing me to Wellbeing with Deborah Sheridan Taylor

I am 45 and suddenly the Menopause is something I hear and no longer can blank, as not relevant to me.  To be honest, I hate the word as it brings up so many negative connotations, night sweats, forgetfulness and weight issues but reading the work sponsored by  Wellbeing, has  changed my mind.

I want evidence based information and real cures for any fatigue or pain that I may go through.

Now I feel better  informed, about the treatments and the realities of this next stage in my life. This ability to communicate about the work they fund, in a clear and concise fashion, really makes a difference as a donor. The entire team are approachable and when you sign up, you really do feel like you are part of an extended family.

This is just one example of the work Wellbeing of Women support, please check out their website and join their mailing list and if you can give a little that would be great too.

There are so many ways to donate, I have linked it into my eBay account so a % goes to Wellbeing.

Please take a few minutes to have a look at the video and join the Wellbeing of Women family .




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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order