Posted: February 12, 2022 7:00pm

What I Have Invested In…Not much to report on the fashion front.

After my wobble in the sales, I’m now refocusing on self care by looking after my skin and hair. I’m trying to exercise (not much to be honest) and just focus on identifying the items in my wardrobe I wear on rotation, and buy more of those.

I read somewhere that we should treat every purchase as if it was a tattoo we cannot easily remove!

This simple message really has helped me refocus.

For me it is all about buying better t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings and joggers.  This is what works for me as I am in my office, listing and videoing all day.  Yours might be dresses or jeans.

I have sold the ‘blah’ bits in my wardrobe and am upgrading the rest.  For example, after watching Sarah Jessica Parker in the new Sex in the City (very disappointing) I became obsessed by buying a pair of white dungarees (she wore them so well in the painting scene).  The truth is I have bought and sold so many pairs in the past, what is going to change?  The answer is…nothing!  It is just something to admire and yet not get the wear out of.

Remember, Instagram & bloggers are there to sell you stuff.  It is great to watch but keep it at that and make your own purchasing decisions based on your lifestyle and budget.  NO GOOD can come from buying random pieces; I see it every day in my shop.  At the moment we are flooded with BA&SH as the images look so fabulous, but the pieces are a bit boxy and definitely not worth the full price tag.

Below are some pieces, I am not telling you to buy them, I am just saying I LOVE THEM and I have worn them non-stop since I invested in them.  I have also added a few pieces from our store.

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