Posted: October 22, 2017 6:12am

Packing always accelerates those wardrobe moments of truth as you have to select your most favourite pieces rather than the wardrobe fillers.  It always crystallises what I truly enjoy wearing and therefore, where I should be spending my money.  Heading away this week, on a short trip to Dublin, really got me thinking about what I wanted to pack and wear.

I have been a bit worried recently, that my Instagram is looking a bit bland, but the reality is that I have stripped back my look and my wardrobe seems to be working much better.  Other than a couple of H&M and ASOS floral dresses, I have avoided the one hit wonders this season.

When I look around I see that none of my friends are actually wearing what I see on Instagram.  My friends  love the pictures but are clever enough to steer clear from the fripperies, and I have as well.  At the same time I feel you should wear what you like and although I love a bit of eccentricity, I no longer buy or dress for the shock factor.

This doesn’t mean you have to dress blandly – I adore glamour and that is the direction I am taking.  If you haven’t already, check out this months Elle magazine, there is a really brilliant article from Kenya Hunt that succinctly encapsulates the return to glamour.

At the same time if you love what you have then wear it!  I am talking about being influenced to spend a lot of money on one hit, ostentatious pieces that a lot of other people also have.  Instead, save your money for truly beautiful items that make you happy when you put them on. 

what bloggers wear (1)

When I look around, the cool girls are wearing simple clothes honed to suit their lifestyle, and they are picking gorgeous one off pieces to add interest to their look.

what real women wear (1)


So enough of what not to buy, below is a list of the investment pieces that I have on my Sales List.  I will have to wait a couple of years for some pieces to make their way to the Preloved Sites but they are items that I have lusted after for a long time time and I feel will be future classics, so are well worth the wait!

Sometimes we want something new and I have compiled a list of glamorous pieces that are affordable and fun .

Wishing you all a great week and I would love to have some input on what you would like covered on the blog so please send me an email anything you would like researched on

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