Posted: March 31, 2015 5:14pm

I am heading away with child number one , I  have never been away on my own with Archie, that is not since his sister was born. It is so odd how the schools all break up at different times but with my husband in the country, I thought I would seize this opportunity to spend some time with my first born!!

It is important to travel in comfort and style as it sets the tone for your break, chasing a seven year means no heels or light colours. Taking a lesson from the queens of airport chic Ms Paltrow and MsWitherspoon, a great oversized scarf is the way to layer up for a flight.







So what to wear to travel ?

I love these silk trousers and top by & Other Stories and I will be  pairing them, with one of my best buys a suede biker jacket from Topshop. This biker jacket also come in a pale pink, the suede is butter soft and the cut is super flattering and at under two hundred pounds it looks as good as many designer brands.


2015-03-30 17.32.04


My big investment of last year was this pair of  Chanel Espadrilles. You can find the espadrilles preloved on Vestaire Collective otherwise there are so many other great better priced options such as these from the Brand Outlet.




I also have this pair of gorgeous flats from Cocorose in my bag as they fold up and look great in the day and evening but I love that the bag doubles up as a clutch saving space in my suitcase.


2015-03-10 20.31.16-1


2015-03-31 17.05.31


After searching for an oversized scarf , I found this one by Denis Colomb in LA last year. It is perfect for when it gets colder on the plane and is light enough to stuff in my bag, it is also great to layer at the beach or in the evening when there is a chill in the air .

Taking a look around I have to say ASOS really have the best well priced options , if you are looking for an oversized scarf.




After seeing this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker finding a yellow scarf is now top of my wish list any ideas where I can find one??



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