Posted: June 3, 2019 1:33pm

There was a time where I was semi-addicted to watching beauty bloggers.

I’ve largely stopped as I found that it just fuelled an addiction to random shopping.  Now, I try and learn to use what I already have, and I bring my make up bag with me if I am considering a new purchase to ensure that I am not just duplicating what I already have.

There are some products that I adore and have been using for years, a lot of these have come from tips from readers.  All of the products featured below are ones that I have repurchased on multiple occasions.

Here is what I use and why:

  1. I start with the Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow in Spring as it really gives my face a colour lift.  I don’t like to use fake tan on my face as I am afraid of making my pigmentation worse.  It goes on white like a moisturiser and then turns to a gorgeous bronzed shade as you rub it in.  It does have quite a strong smell to it. I also adore Hourglass Veil (it is by far the best primer and it is non greasy)
  2. During the day I like to use IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better in the medium tan shade.  It contains factor 50 and has just the right amount of coverage.  It really blends well with your skin and doesn’t end up like a film on your face
  3. I have always loved the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away under-eye wand.  It is really natural and I like to blend it with this Bobbi Brown full coverage concealer around my nose and pigmentation areas
  4. Once again, Charlotte Tilbury wins out on the loose powder front.  I am on my third Genius Magic Powder.  It blots and looks the most natural of any powder I have used.  I also swear by the ICONIC LONDON brush, it is the best one that I own
  5. NARS for me still wins on the bronzer front (I adore Laguna).  I hardly use blusher, but when I do, I love Benefit Dandelion (thank you Anna Claire for the recommendation) and check out Nars Bumpy Ride
  6. I think the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is one of my hero products as it highlights and lifts (I use it instead of eye-shadow and under my eyes).  I am on my fourth one!  The best one is in the middle and is called Incandescent light.  If I am going out I add a dab of the Hourglass
  7. You cannot beat Wunderbrow to add definition and volume to your eyebrows or if I am in a rush I use Glossier, Boy Brow
  8. I also adore the Wunderkiss lip liner, which is so soft
  9. Kevyn Aucoin eye gloss is also so natural and just adds a glisten to your eyes in the evening
  10. The Dior lip maximizer and glow are my favourite lip products
  11. I normally have my eyelashes lifted, but if I do use mascara I use Chantecaille as it feels the most natural

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I would love to hear from you if you have any products you really adore, just send me an email to


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