Posted: November 11, 2014 7:18am


When I see someone with great skin or gorgeous discreet make up, I always ask them what products they use. I cannot help it, I feel it is the best way to find out the items that really work.

I don’t know what your make up bag is like but mine was overflowing with various brands and items most never touched more than once.

A while ago, I cleared it all out, it was upsetting to think about all the money I had wasted but at least now I can see what I have and I actually use what is left in there.

So now I have a basis I can build on and unless I know when and how to use a product I don’t buy it.

Over the next weeks I will be sharing with you the items that work and I have been lucky enough to persuade top make up artist Lily to show us how to use these products . We will be featuring video clips of how to apply and use these and other products,  in the next weeks!







I have tried so many concealers and I have now gone back to an old classic Touch Eclat, which I use under my eyes and I use Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage to cover any blemishes around the nose and chin area. Both of these products don’t clog my skin or emphasise  existing lines.








Then to what I all the wonder cream the Celestrial Skin Liquid Lightening  from Kevyn Aucoin

THIS IS A MIRACLE WORKER if you buy one thing in the next weeks buy this!

I mix it with my foundation also from Kevyn Aucoin and it makes you glow and is not heavy so you simply look like a better version of yourself.

My lovely friend Ciara introduced me to this spectacular powder from Tom Ford. It is simply divine as it is super light and gives you a lovely glow.

Another secret weapon is Candlelight another miracle worker by Aucoin , I apply this around my eye area and cheeks and it gives a soft glow.

Blusher wise during the day I think you cannot beat Bobby Brown shimmer brick in for a subtle effect.

Please share your top make up products,  with us and we will add them to the next make up feature,  or if you have any questions for Lily please email us on


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