Posted: June 27, 2016 5:01am

I am turning 46 soon and had held off having botox, until a couple of weeks ago. I am blessed to see a fabulous dermatologist Dr Lynette Yong and when I saw her last, she felt like I did, that it was time.  Not that I have a problem with botox, I think it is a personal choice.

It was my forehead, I had this deep crease that made me look angry all the time and when my daughter, Luella drew a picture of me, with what looked like train tracks on my forehead, I felt it was time to act.

I came out imagining everyone would know, no one noticed  my husband, friends or even my photographer.

The difference is significant to me, after two days the deep frown line had gone and the lines on my forehead have softened considerably.


Botox, does not make me look younger, I think my regular facials are much more effective at lifting my face and giving it movement. Great skincare  gives my skin its glow but the botox just stops me focusing on those lines .

Botox for over 40

My advice is to have regular facials and use effective products and if the lines are still effecting you, there is no harm in considering botox.

I feel that thinning skin, pigmentation and a dropping jaw line are much more ageing than lines. Botox wont help with these.

When to have botox

I will be featuring the sublime Olga Brennand in the next weeks, she has with her facial massage given me back my jaw line . Make sure if you do have facials, that your therapist is competent in massage and spends most of the treatment time doing this.

Botox where to go in London

I have also spent a long time researching affordable beauty products that work , which I have been featuring , over the last months.

There are also so many non invasive treatments you can have, I did Dermaroller last year and will do it again in September. It really makes a difference to the texture of my skin and its plumpness.

Botox is not an answer to ageing, I know I am getting older and I don’t want to look like a 30 year old, I want to look like a health happy 45 year old!

Olga Brennand

Choose your practitioner well and ensure you have spoken and seen people they have helped.

Less is more , I can still move my forehead and don’t intend to have it more than once a year.

I pay for all my own treatments and this is not a paid of commissioned piece. The top is from Cos and the joggers Sundry.

Dr Lynette Yong who practices on Harley Street, call Sarah for an appointment 07866436373. I know lots of people don’t share but I was blessed to be recommended to Dr Yong by the gorgeous Hannah and I feel so lucky have have been given such a great recommendation.

I will be launching some skincare videos on my youtube channel in the next week so please register . This weeks is about a mask that really works and next week we will be looking at a simple effective skincare routine.


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