Posted: November 13, 2017 6:22pm

If I go out I am a jeans and statement top kind of dresser.  I hate being overdressed and restricted, not to mention my abhorrence of tights!

Sometimes I do, and actually need to, make an effort and the right dress is an instant outfit. Day dresses abound there are so many well priced options but if you don’t want a floral maxi there are very few well priced options, thought I am obsessed with Natalia Picariello as her dresses are silk or wool and lined.

This is where my clothes dilemma comes.  All the dresses I would actually want to wear are all over £1,000, some of them nearing £2,000.  Even in the sale or at Bicester the pieces are not within budget.  I could get lucky at a sample sale but realistically I am too busy and disorganised to ever make the good sample sales and, I HATE TO QUEUE!

So, where do we shop for non-skimpy dresses for a night out or in?  Firstly, buy ahead.  I know I have a few dinners and parties coming in November and December so I have been stocking up.  I now have a few dresses which I bought over the last few months, it is time now to find the right piece. I now have time to think about what shoes to wear and what jacket to throw over because finishing the outfit is what makes all the difference.

The wrap dress has been a classic for years and it is the most practical shape and universally flattering. 
CWSG 7-11-17-0058
CWSG 7-11-17-0064CWSG 7-11-17-0069
I found the one featured in these pictures at Cancer Research UK (check their online eBay shop here). It is always worth popping into their Marylebone Branch if you are in London I have found so many treasures, from Chloe to Celine and ask for Paul.

It is DvF and cost £150; not cheap but it was a thousand pound dress and has never been worn and was exactly what I was looking for.  The dress gives you a tiny waist yet is covered up enough to be easy to wear yet when you walk, you get a glimpse of leg!  You can dance and sit down in the dress and it is timeless. I won’t spend any more evenings tugging on hemlines or feeling like I am about to flash someone.

I need all the help I can get at my age and skimpy, blah dresses just won’t cut it any more.

CWSG 7-11-17-0067

You have to get into the habit of never passing a charity shop and also checking preloved sites regularly, if like me, you don’t want to spend a fortune to get a well fitting flattering dress.

I have hunted around and found so many beautiful one off affordable pieces…from preloved, to vintage, highstreet and investment.



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