Posted: October 21, 2016 11:24am

I have written before, on how I have fallen out of love with my skinny jeans, for me it is now about finding vintage Levis.

So where to find them?

I have bought my best pairs at Peekaboo Vintage, you can buy them online at ASOS for £45 . You can find them in store at Topshop Oxford Street.

peekaboo vintage

Cropped Levis

Another place to look is Urban Outfitters, they have them in store  or,  they are on sale for from £10 inline at the moment, look for Urban Renewal Vintage. I love this trouser shape featured below, which I picked up in store yesterday, they cost we £50 and are the softest denim and fall like a trouser, perfect for the evening with a pair of heels and a cashmere sweater or white shirt.


The downside to all this, is you have to try them on as the sizing of the vintage denim, varies so much.  I am a medium in both the brands above but generally the sizing is really small so when in doubt size up.

Take time to visit your local vintage shop, I found a glorious pair at SK Vintage.  Just check their Instagram and you can order via the phone.

Vintage Levis

Vintage levis

This looser fit suits everyone, just make sure you get the proportions right, I don’t love my tummy so I tend to pair mine with an oversized knit, sweatshirt  or shirt and cocoon coat.

Best thing, you won’t find anyone else in the same pair, wishing you all a fabulous weekend, me and my Levis are heading to Majorca.






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