Posted: January 14, 2022 10:30am

Why Bother Cashing In On Your Wardrobe?

It’s now 2022.

The lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainties of the last 2 years have resulted in a lack of fashion inspiration and have brought taking a risk on what you buy to a sudden halt.

In some ways, I actually think it has been a good thing for us shoppers.  We all had a bit of cold turkey and our overall temptation to shop was dramatically reduced.  In addition, the huge, snaking queues at the Post Office made me think twice before I ordered anything online that I might have to return.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE shopping but I have been a lot more discerning and involved in the transaction.  I now mull over my purchases a lot more than I used to, as I just cannot be bothered bringing something into my wardrobe that I am not 100% going to wear and enjoy.

Somewhat remarkably, I actually have space in my wardrobe and I want it to stay that way!  I also now wear my clothes out, well, certainly much more than I used to.  Most importantly of all, I feel good when I put my clothes on and that’s as good as it gets for me.

Selling has become intrinsic to how I shop.  So, now, if I buy something I want I always head to my wardrobe to see what it can replace.


Why Bother Cashing In On Your Wardrobe?


Often I cannot find anything that I really want to buy, and the drive to buy the new piece dissipates as I rediscover something that I already own.  Or, I face the fact that I have something similar which I haven’t worn and will give it another airing.

An entire industry of house and wardrobe clearing has recently grown from nowhere and some might do an amazing job, but in terms of clothes, jewellery and accessories, you can also do it yourself.  All you have to do is grab a few black bags and get to it!


This used to be my shoe collection; now I have around 15 pairs!!

Why Bother Cashing In On Your Wardrobe?


It really is simple.

If it doesn’t suit you or you don’t enjoy wearing them, GET RID OF IT.

Often people say things like ‘I might slim into it’ but the reality is, if you lose weight you will definitely want to buy something new, so if it doesn’t fit, how can I say, well… GET RID!

For me now when i look to sell some of the items in my wardrobe it is more about trading up as I have mostly cleared all the items that I don’t generally wear.  In this case, BE REALISTIC on pricing. It doesn’t matter if you have paid £400 for a jumper; if it’s piled you won’t get that much for it!!  Also, if you paid big money for an expensive coat or dress 5 years ago, you won’t get a huge amount for it unless it is still a top sought after brand such as Gucci/Celine etc.

I can’t deny that it is best to sell it yourself if you can, but that will be labour intensive and a real pain.  You have to photograph it well, have a good rating on ebay, price it accurately and then you have the endless questions, possible returns and queuing at the post office.  It can also be risky if you have high value items; I am aware of many cases of items being swapped out for fakes and returned.

At Reloved Again we specialise in clearing for clients who are regular shoppers.  My clients often have a huge initial clear out and then just use us every few months to churn their wardrobes and keep them working optimally.


Sell with us video


  1. You can book a video call with Sarah (she is ex D&G and has her own pre-loved shop) and she can help you decide what to keep or sell and will give you a steer on prices.  Just DM her on 07464 153 695; she is so so lovely, very knowledgeable and has many years experience in retail.  I am so lucky to have her onboard
  2. We pick up for free (it will be me or my husband in London) so there are no security issues.  We also send out prepaid envelopes if you are outside London and if there is a very large clear out we will arrange a courier for you
  3. We look after everything!  Professional photos, descriptions and listings, dealing with queries, returns and we update you monthly on what has sold and what payments are being made to you.  Many of our regular customers are earning over a £500 a month, and for those having a big clear out, much more
  4. We price accurately.  I see so many items for sale in pre-loved shops on the high street that remain unsold month after month.  As we don’t have the same level of overheads as some of the big retail pre-loved shops we are able to price your items according to what the market will pay.  We check similar listings for each item we sell, and once condition has been taken into account, we price it fairly so that a) you get good value for your pieces and b) they don’t sit unsold for month after month
  5. We don’t rush you.  If you change your mind we can send it back and we give items as long as we think it takes before considering a price reduction
  6. We are fully insured; regardless of the value of the item/s you are sending us

We are a small team in our office, Sarah, Amelie and Annabel plus Serena in Italy who is dedicated to all of our social media and marketing and our fantastic photographer, Alex – it is truly a family affair.


Don’t forget – if you need help to rebuild your wardrobe we can also assist you with Personal Shopping. 

Finally, we also offer Programs for Personal Stylists and Wardrobe Clearance experts and we have referral programs

Simply DM Sarah for details for all queries.

Check how the process works below and please please please spread the word for us.

Sell with us 

Lots of love

Anne Marie and Reloved Again team x


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