Posted: September 18, 2015 10:49am

I have spoken  about wardrobe heroes before and owning a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes is definitely on that list.

They just always work and are timeless- though lots of new brands have sprung up, the comfort of Jimmy Choo has allowed them to keep their crown.

When people say you can buy the same on the highstreet, in this case it simply isn’t true.

The comfort, the flattering  shape, the finish and the feeling of power that comes from wearing  a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes makes them a true investment piece.


Kate Hudson in the new season Rosana

I know I can throw on a pair of scruffy jeans and a sweater, and once I’ve added my Choos I am dressed and feel more confident… and I know I will not be crippled an hour later.

I don’t normally like to badger people into coming to an event but when it is in aid of such a worthy charity as Wellbeing of Women, I am happy to pester.

I am hosting a shopping event for them at Jimmy Choo in the Sloane Street branch in London on the 3oth of September and 15% of what is sold on the night will go to fund further research.

This charity pay for research into


1.  Gynaecological Cancers, such as Ovarian and endometrial cancer

2.  Pregnancy and Birth; including pre-term birth, miscarriage and fertility

3.  Quality of Life issues; including menopause, incontinence and prolapse, sexual health, menstrual disorders and endometriosis

This research is trying to safeguard us, our mothers, sisters, nieces , daughter and friends.

So to whet your appetite I headed to Jimmy Choo with my partner at the event, Deborah Sheridan Taylor.

You cannot beat a classic Jimmy Choo court shoe, the navy one I am wearing below is perfection in a Choo. The heel, the foot cleavage- it doesn’t matter what you wear this with you will feel fabulous. Yes there are cheaper versions but this is a show stopper you will have for ever.

2015-09-17 01.45.42

These heels are made for walking. They are called the Abel; no pinching or rubbing with these heels and as the heel is not suede there is no danger of catching them on cobblestones either.


2015-09-17 01.31.06

I was also drawn to these practical velvet flats called the Alina. I love the red ones I am wearing below, as they just add that pop of colour to an outfit.


2015-09-17 01.50.47

This flat is perfect to dress up any outfit in the evening if you cannot face heels

I have already written about my boot obsession, and if you are looking for a show stopper then these thigh high boots are it!

2015-09-17 01.24.21


Deborah fell in love with these great sunglasses, which if you were following New York Fashion Week are everywhere. The finish and shape are exquisite.


2015-09-17 01.53.25


2015-09-17 01.49.44


If you would like to support Wellbeing of Women and catch up with Deborah and I, all you have to do is email as per the invite below.

We will be helping with style tips and advice on the night.

If you cannot make the event and would like to contribute anyway please check out the Wellbeing of Women website.

There is something for all budgets- we both loved the new fragrance called Illicit.

We would to see you there!

If you would like to check out the rest of our top picks have a read through this post.
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Thank you all and I wish you a fabulous weekend!









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