Posted: October 25, 2016 5:22am

The thought of cycling filled me with fear, the sweating, being shouted at, not to mention the darkened rooms. As I love Heartcore, I was convinced to try the new Ride classes at their glorious Notting Hill studio. To be honest I was petrified, as I hadn’t a clue even how to get onto the bike.

I don’t want to become one of those annoying women, that bang on about exercise and there is no way I would consider myself an expert but I have been committed to exercise since I started at Heartcore last January.  it has changed my body and best of all my attitude to working out.

Heartcore Ride Notting Hill

I am now  obsessed with Ride, why did I not try this years ago, sitting on a bike is so much easier than running or other cardio classes.  It is hypnotising, the darkened room, cycling to the beat and you are in charge of the intensity of the workout.  This is what makes Spin so addictive, you just shut off and before I knew it the class was over. I could feel the burn on those problem areas, bum, thighs, sides and tummy, not to mention upper arms.

HEartcore Ride Notting Hill

Heartcore Ride

Heartcore make it easy with brilliant instructors that help you onto your bike and explain all the jargon in advance. There is no screaming, the instructors are just there to direct and motivate you.

I sweated but in a good, old fashioned way and when I came off my bike I wanted to come back for more. I wasn’t clock watching wishing it over, which is what I tend to do.

I have done the Ride class that lasts 45 minutes, which anyone can do, just work at your own pace. The Ride 2 Tone was harder, as 35 minutes on the bike you head upstairs to the airy studio to complete toning exercises.

Toning Studio Heartcore Notting Hill
Toning Studio Heartcore Notting Hill

They provide the shoes and booking is simple, you can do it online at Heartcore. The studio is light filled and you can grab a tea or some fruit after your class.

Heartcore Ride Notting Hill

The staff are so welcoming and accommodating, that you always feel uplifted when you leave. That is the secret to Heartcore and why I feel, it has changed my attitude to exercise.

Heartcore Notting Hill Ride

This is going to be my cardio of choice and a few of us are going to do a regular weekend slot and catch up after in Notting Hill for coffee. The changing rooms are gorgeous and fully fitted out so that you can shower and get ready after a class.

Heartcore Notting Hill Ride Class

Heartcore Notting Hill

This is not one of those cliquey clubs, you find all fitness levels and ages. If I run into you, please don’t judge if I rabbit on but my love of Ride really surprised me. I have grown to adore pilates and barre but pure cardio always scared me.

Lets be honest, I am writing this with a glass of Rose in my hand, work hard and play hard, that’s my motto! The blue shirt is vintage (get the same at Urban Outfitters), the black and white shirt is from H&M and the puffer is from Topshop.

At the moment you can book 10 sessions for £100 so no excuses at Heartcore, you have it all – great instructors, beautiful surroundings and fair pricing. I always find parking at Prince’s Square.


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