Posted: February 3, 2015 8:05am

I have had a preloved designer shop on eBay for years and I have been looking for a Pop Up venue for a long time, as some of our pieces just need to be seen and felt for the quality to be appreciated.

I also wanted to try and include some of the amazing brands that I have been lucky enough to meet along the way. It is so hard for small brands to get their name out there and we all have to support them where possible.

It was  hard work to find a venue on a budget ( ie no budget) , my advice is to decide on your location and then just keep asking, we were lucky enough to meet the amazing Amy Houtenbos, who allowed us to use the Library





I invited Primrose Hill Candles, I used to be a lover of Diptyque Candles but at over fourty pounds, I found myself rationing how long I burnt them.

Primrose Hill candles are made by hand, in the owners kitchen and they are all organic. With prices  starting at fifteen pounds they are now all we burn in the Gee household, pomegrante noir is my personal favourite.

Primrose Hill Candles

All the candles come beautifully packaged.


Primrose Hill Candles


Aurora Living also agreed to take part, I have spoken about their willow  bag before, which is so beautiful and as good as the Celine Trio. I wanted to take a look at the wallet and fingers crossed it will appear on Valentines Day. The bag retails at fifty nine pounds.

Bracelet and Bag by Aurora Living



Aurora Living


Willow Bag by Aurora Living


Mihaela Christou is my go to for lovely handmade presents, these make great gifts and I bought them for all my family at Christmas. Mihaela makes them all by hand and she has a wonderful eye for choosing the perfect stone. The price point is really reasonable.




I have the white and jade one as well as the black and red.



We also all gave 10 % to the amazing charity Doorstep. I just want to thank you all for supporting us and we will be back in March.

If you are near to London and would like to take part just send us an email through the blog,

Any retailers out there I would recommend you take a look at these brands, as they are loved by buyers, are at  such a great price point and the quality is exquisite and it is only a matter of time before they are all picked up by  a major force.

I would also like to thank Alex Taibel from Alexandra Photography, she is one of the most talented people I have ever met, she is my go to for family pictures  and she takes all my blog pictures.  Not only is she super talented, she is so easy and fun to deal with.


Top tips for organizing a Pop Up Shop

1) Get a board to advertise outside

2) You need someone to stand outside to explain to passers by what is going on inside

3) Have enough change and keep cash in a safe box.

4)Use a labeling gun and have prices visible.

5) Have lots of flyers to give those who are too busy to pop in.

6) Check when the area is busy after school drop off or lunch time best.

7) Use Facebook to advertise.



Below is the latest arrivals in our eBay shop, part of which are also available on Shop Our  Wardrobe on this site. These are all authentic items from the wardrobes of my friends and family.





AlexanderMcQueen Pom Pom Dress
Alexander McQueen Pom Pom Dress



Preloved Lanvin Shoes
Preloved Lanvin Shoes


We got the timings wrong and will be moving our next Pop Up to 9.00 until 1.00, as then we get the post school drop off passers by. It is great to talk to potential buyers and get their honest opinion on brands and even though they may not have bought on the day most took a flyer away. I aso feel we fostered a better sence of community as we introduced local brands to local people.

Our next Pop Up will be Wednesday 4th of March from 9.00 until 1.00 at the Library on Circus Road NW8,  entrance is on the highstreet St Johns Wood. Please come in we would love to meet you  and again thank you to Westminster Library for supporting local business.


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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 15% off your first order