Posted: December 24, 2015 7:16am

When the kids were younger I really didn’t get the chance to dress up, but now they are older and my days of nappies and crawling around the floor are gone, I can embrace, dressing up at Christmas.

The maxi skirt has been all over social media, though it is a hard look to pull off in ‘real life’, as opposed to a staged instagram shoot.  I found this skirt on an American website called Shabby Apple and it is super reasonable. This is not a look I will wear often, so it suited me perfectly not to have to spend a lot.

It has an old fashioned festive feel and teamed with my trusty Bella Freud sweater I feel dressed up but not over dressed. Bella Freud just nails the slogan sweater and they are fitted, so easy to pair with a skirt. I love the new Blondes one.

2015-12-15 12.02.58

2015-12-15 12.02.36

The skirt is called the Snow Ball, which I thought was really apt for Christmas. Shabby Apple have loads of well priced skirts and dresses to choose from, and the delivery is very speedy.

2015-12-15 12.02.40

It makes me feel like I should be doing a Highland Fling. The skirt is really light weight and you can sponge off any stains or marks.

2015-12-15 12.03.02


2015-12-15 12.02.54

2015-12-15 12.02.44

I have loved sharing my fashion escapades with you and appreciate all your support. I don’t take it for granted and I look forward to the next chapter of Catwalkschoolgates. We have so many exciting things planned for 2016, so please keep reading.

We are launching a Directory, doing more videos, hosting Monthly Preloved Events, looking at Women’s health issues as well as lots more fashion and beauty features.

I want to thank my husband Anthony for all his love and patience, as well as my children Archie and Luella for not complaining too much about taking photos.

A special thank you goes to Alex Taibel, my photographer, she is a miracle worker and I love our partnership, not to mention Nuzy Sayani or all her amazing food reviews as well as Natalie Hacker for supporting me every step of the way. Also thank you Lynn Harte for running my Ebay shop, James Thurlow Craig, from Create Design  and Lyn Latrelle for their support on the IT side.

I am excited to welcome back Judy Crowley, who is back from her travels and will helping me build our Advertising and engagement with our readers, as well as help me find a site for a Pop Up shop. She will also be supporting me in choosing charities to support in 2016, if you have any that would benefit from clothes, make up or cosmetics, then let us know and we look forward to continuing to help Wellbeing of Women.

Lots of love

Anne Marie x


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