Posted: December 12, 2014 10:31am

This time last year I was heading away to Los Angeles and trying to decide what to pack, obviously I packed way too much.

Packing for the sun, when it is freezing outside, is tricky and it is easy to get it wrong.

I think the key is to really think about where you are going and what you will be doing and pack accordingly. I always pack outfits and then try to get the accessories to mix and match. It is worth it to take time to organize your clothes.

Today we are focusing on a beach getway, so leave the heels and trendy city garb at home and keep it simple.

If you are going to a resort where it is going to be hot and you in the main sunbathing, swimming, enjoying a lengthy lunch and heading to a casual dinner then this selection will be spot on.






I have two great swimsuits from Sumarie, this is the brand to watch. Her swimwear are super sexy yet comfortable. Perfect for wearing with an oversized shirt to lunch.

Not picture but but a brand I love is  Seafolly, they do great well priced bikinis I have them in every colour and particular love the fact that they are y padded and they do a great range of strapless bikinis. I love this style for sunbathing as they are really comfortable and they hold you up and in.

Oversized shirts are so much easier to get on and off than kaftans and look at lot more relaxed. But if you do prefer kaftan I cannot recommend Taska resort highly enough.

Zimmermann is my favourite beachwear brand, I love all their pieces as you can wear them from day to night so you save on the packing.

Always pack a denim shirt as they add an edge to any beach outfit and are great for layering in the evening. This is a gorgeous one from the Outnet from Michael Kors.

The Outnet have a great selection of summer clothes at great prices, it is really worth taking a look.

The stunning Jane picked this skirt out at our last Topshop event and I have bought it now too, I would wear it with flip flops and a grey t-shirt with a denim shirt thrown over.

These Givenchy flip flops again are perfect day to evening and will stand out poolside.

I always pack a great clutch, again this I would use by the pool and in the the evening out to dinner.


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