Posted: October 20, 2014 9:24am

I love wearing white in Winter, especially on a day like this when it is mild and the sun is out.

Don’t get me wrong, I am mostly found in black but all white is for the days when you want to grasp on to the last remnants of sunshine.

We were supposed to be in Spain but my poor husband has damaged his disc, so with him laid up in hospital, an all white ensemble is as near as I am getting.

I bought this cropped top and trousers from Theory, years ago I used to buy my suits there but they have really got some gorgeous casual wear now.

They have a great selection at Net a Porter but the shop on Marylebone High street is where I go.

It is cut well, the materials are beautiful and I find I always find a real “piece” there. By this I mean something that wows me.

I wasn’t sure about a cropped top but I think if you match the top to the trousers and wear a long coat over it  you can get away with it!



DSC_0013.jpg (2)







The coat is from my favourite Irish Designer Dawn Fitzgerald.  I think this coat is the beautiful thing I own,I hope to be lucky enough to help Dawn launch in the UK in the next months.


DSC_0005.jpg (2)


These white trainers are a 2014 must have, you can wear them all year round and they somehow work when a normal trainer just would look wrong. These are from Sandro



DSC_0007.jpg (2)


I want to thank Heirloom for allowing me to borrow some beautiful pieces, this ring is on my Christmas wish list. It is by designer Cindy Dennis Mangan, it is called the Princess and the Python ring.

You cannot forget the handbag, I know not your normal colour but I love this white Chanel Boy bag .


DSC_0012.jpg (2)




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