Posted: December 22, 2014 9:10am

I am so excited about heading home to Dublin, as my husband slipped his disc as we were about to go away for the half term, we haven’t been able to travel since , so I am all the more  ready for a change of scene,

I hate packing and it always makes me realize the things I wish I had in my wardobe.

Dublin is all about family,cozy dinners and lots of drinks by an open fire, especially at this time of year.

Below are the pieces, which I wish I were packing in my suitcase most on sale in sale at Matches !

packing in my suitcase


I love these wool track pants from Rachel Allegra, I have tried on so many other pairs and rejected them in the main, as they are drawstring and to be avoided at all counts, regardless of cost, they sag and it is not a good look.

This pair have an elastic waist and are nicely fitted but still loose enough not to look like ill fitting leggings and the distressed detail sets them apart.

I would wear these day to evening, in the day time I would wear them with these superlative brogues, it is so hard to get brogues right. They have to look edgy but not too masculine . In the evening I would wear these pants with heels.

This top from Kenzo is really flattering and you could layer it with a lightweight sweater during the day. This is a really versatile piece, it one of those that doesn’t look great on a hanger but is fabulous on.

The Isabel Marant jacket is great to layer under a coat as it is not that bulky but it is warmer than a normal blazer and the shoulder detail is exquisite.

Jerome Dreyfuss is the husband of the above mentioned Isabel Marant and makes gorgeous non showy  bags. I love the grey and white twist on leopard print,this will add texture and interest to any outfit.

All these items can be dressed up or down and can go from day to evening, important  when you are traveling.

In addition to  this I would bring one great black coat , pair of heels!

Please email me the pieces you have your eye on at the moment and think before you buy a big ticket item and ask yourself the question,would it make it into my case if you were heading away.





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