Posted: July 15, 2019 10:44am

Yellow, like leopard print, seems to goes with everything and you cannot help but feel happy in this colour.

The easiest place to start is with a cardigan, a yellow one will go perfectly with denim or anything white as well as all of your floral dresses.

This cardigan is from Chloe and I found it in the The Real Real sale, it cost $100, inclusive of customs and shipping, and is the perfect Summer cover-up.

When I first spotted the Gucci clutch below, I hesitated for ages and worried that I wouldn’t get the wear out of the colour but this is piece that really kick started my love of yellow.  No matter what I pair it with it just seems to work.  This bag was new, but heavily discounted, at Sign of The Times as everyone was scared off by the colour.

Check out my edit of brilliant yellow accessories below.

Lets move onto to dresses, shoes and other pieces.  It is important to find the right hue, a buttercup yellow is by far the most flattering shade.

I always think that how clothes influence your mood is very underrated, and all I know is that yellow works brilliantly in the Summer and is so easy to use with all the other Summer shades.


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