Posted: January 23, 2017 4:28am

I have very little time to exercise and when I do, it has to get results.  For that reason I have never bothered with yoga before as I felt it was a bit too wishy washy and the chanting and breathing put me off.

As I get older I do notice that I need to stretch more and this is how I first came to yoga and also the fact that the women with the strongest bodies always seem to do yoga.

Yoga with the right teacher is harder than most spin classes I have been to.

Yoga Hearcore

I started a couple of weeks ago and I came out aching but in a different way.  It has stretched out my body and I can feel a real improvement in my arms.

Toned arms is my thing as mine are prone to a bat wing but yoga is brilliant for giving you strong arms without that overly muscular look.

yoga heartcore

It a brilliant way to start my Monday’s.  In the past I could get so overwhelmed with what I have to get done in the short window that the kids are at school and that is not a great way to kick start the week.

yoga heartocre

Yoga cleared my mind and I felt ready for the week.


I am doing the Monday Dynamic Flow class at Heartcore in St Johns Wood with Minna.

There is also a brilliant candle light yoga that I really want to try too.

Some weeks I manage more classes than others but I don’t beat myself up about it and just go when I can.

Here is a round up of some of the work-out brands I was tipped off to.  Check out Gymluxe, they have a brilliant sale on now.  I am also obsessed with Outdoor Voices, thank you Jayne for the tip.


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