Posted: June 25, 2015 5:20pm

As all regular readers know, I am a devotee of Dr Lancer.

It has made a real difference to my skin and it has meant that I have put off botox for another year.

My lines are softer and the texture of my skin just looks younger.

I know how hard it is to find a product that really works- I used to have a cupboard full of them and nothing really made any marked improvement on my lines.

I am not an expert. I just want to share products that really work, and with my 45 birthday around the corner I need all the help I can get.

It is expensive to invest in and I wanted to get the opinion of others to see how they got on, so we invited a few Catwalkschoolgates readers to test the products.


2015-06-17 12.45.44-2

First is Shanaz- she has been trialing it for a month now and here are her results:


2015-06-11 14.30.37


Direct Feedback from our first Tester Shanaz :


Method polish
I found this to be quite a serious no-nonsense exfoliating polish. It is by far the most effective cleanser I’ve ever used. It has a lovely refreshing fragrance and was brilliant on black heads around nose and chin. It left my skin really polished and squeaky clean. On a slight negative I found it quite abrasive so wouldn’t use it every day and would limit it to once or twice a week. It is very effective and i will be incorporating it into my beauty regime.
2015-06-17 12.45.48
Method cleanse
I really liked this product; It had a lovely silky consistency which glided onto the skin and left skin brilliantly cleansed. I used it with my Eve lom muslin cloth and it worked really well, leaving my skin thoroughly cleansed, ready for the night moisturiser.
Intensive night treatment
Really loved this product. Had a lovely refreshing gentle fragrance. It was creamy, silky and glided onto the cleansed skin, left my skin glowing. It’s a  luxurious product and you can visibly notice the difference the next morning. Super hydrating and does not clog pores.
 2015-06-17 12.45.44-1
Lancer Nourish
I found this product does exactly what it states: it was super gentle, nourishing and calming on the skin. It felt like a lovely potion of nutrients being absorbed into my skin. A real luxury moisturiser once used will make returning to ordinary ones a very awkward compromise!
Lancer Eye Contour
A lovely, rich, luxurious eye cream which melts into skin, doesn’t clog or irritate the sensitive eye area. It was hydrating and helped reduce my dark circles around the eyes and  the puffiness. ‎ A brilliant product and I suspect it will last for ages.
 2015-06-17 12.46.06
All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with this brand. It delivers what it states. They are top quality spa quality products which you can use at home. I would recommend highly to anyone aged 35+ as a fantastic investment to maintain beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. ‎ These products would be brilliant as a special gift.  I’ve really enjoyed sampling them and plan to invest in the range
2015-06-17 12.45.50
So I know the whole product buying is a nightmare so I hope this review helps! So if you would like to read more about the product check out my older posts.
All the products are available at Space NK .
This is not a sponsored post and thank you Shanaz for your support.

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