Posted: August 20, 2014 7:15pm

As you all know I love Zara and the Autumn 2014 Collection, already has so many pieces I am desperate to get my hands , I have already ordered the jumpsuit and the black culottes.

The jumpsuit is the perfect grey colour and I will be wearing mine with a fur gillet and white trainers. Trust me on the leather culottes, they look fabulous with  heels.  The cape is so in at the moment and having looked around at all the options, this camel version by Zara is perfect. You really have to becareful with these capes, my advise is go  simple, to avoid the Sherpa look!

You cannot escape the white trainer,  I bought a pair from Sandro but this pair from Zara is a great alternative. I love this ankle boot as it is a winter version of the skater shoe we have all been wearing . This backpack is a more ladylike version and has a real feel of Chanel.


image (13) 

1. Leather Culottes

2.Leather back pack with metal clasp

3.Button neck jumpsuit

4.Fur and leather ankle boot

5.Hooded cape with piping

6.Perforated leather sneakers

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