We make a promise to all our buyers that product authenticity is critically important to us at all times and central to everything that we do.

The authentication process is carried out by our in-house team with many years of experience in selling new and preowned luxury goods. We have a long list of checks that all have to be passed ensuring that all goods are authentic before they reach our website.

We have a responsibility to our buyers and to the luxury brands we are selling to make sure that only authentic items are sold on our site, Reloved Again. You can find details of these checks on the individual product listings.

Within our detailed assessment of all products we sell is specific standards and finish for each luxury brand we stock. We check all the item model characteristics and finishes including the serial numbers. We have 20 years of experience on how to precisely check the hardware, zips and leather for any discrepancies. In addition, we only take items from clients that we have spoken to personally and our experienced staff ask detailed questions on when and where the item was purchased including requesting a receipt where available. If insufficient details are provided we do not take the item.

On higher value bags over with a re-sale value of over £1,000 or in cases where a proof of purchase cannot be verified or proven we work with the seller to organise a certificate of authentication. The seller bears sole responsibility for the authenticity of items and is made aware of existing laws regarding counterfeit goods.

We also link back to the original websites if we use any photos from other websites.

We at Reloved Again take the issue of potential counterfeit goods incredibly seriously, it is our reputation on the line every time we take goods in and advertise them on our website. We fully acknowledge our role in keeping our buyers safe, upholding the standards and expectations of the preloved market as a whole as well as protecting the reputation of the designer brands we sell.