The Alternative Party Edit Beware!!  It’s that time of the year when every blogger and retailer wants you to wrap yourself in sequins and shiny outfits… So to help you resist the urge, I am sharing the pieces which I feel are a nod to the festive season, yet have longevity! Check out my alternative […]
Posted: December 2, 2021 5:14pm

St. John Couture is one of those under the radar brands which is famed for their knitted jacket, skirts and dresses. Marie St. John founded the brand in the sixties as she wanted to wear classic quality pieces with longevity which are contemporary yet rooted in great workmanship and excellent fabrics.  It is the US […]
Posted: November 24, 2021 9:24am

I have always struggled with refreshing my underwear drawer! As with my clothes, I like to be comfortable and after trying lots of brands I finally landed the jackpot with EVERLANE. The items fit really well and are a joy to wear.  Despite coming from the US, there are no extra duties to pay, delivery […]
Posted: November 18, 2021 8:37pm

These were all spotted whilst shopping at Matches with some of my clients. Don’t forget to take our styling questionnaire and we can also help you to find the perfect pieces! To buy any of the pieces simply click on your favourite image and it will take you straight through.  
Posted: November 6, 2021 7:07pm

Make shopping preowned as good as shopping new! We have been working so hard to improve your retail experience at our online shop RELOVED AGAIN and I really want to share with you some of the new features that you might not be aware of.   We now have introduced APPLE PAY and AMAZON PAY which […]

Winter wardrobe essentials worth the investment! We want to make shopping easier for you, so we have developed these clickable collages where you can click on the item you love and it will take you directly to the retailer !! I love to spend hours browsing all the websites and these edits will contain my […]
Posted: October 28, 2021 8:45am

I have long loved RAEY, Matches in house brand, and it is one of the only brands I buy full price.  Without doubt, they are the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe.  They also hold their value as they seldom reach the sales and there is almost no stock in the PREOWNED markets. I was […]
Posted: October 17, 2021 9:22pm

We have had so much stock come in this week so whether you are looking for a coat, winter tops, a party dress or heels you can find them all for less on RELOVED AGAIN Check out our shop (click here!)
Posted: October 1, 2021 10:52am

Certain things never go out of fashion and a great Breton cardigan tops the list; as well as being a classic investment piece. Last year I bought the H&M sweater (below) last year, however it has now disintegrated and I am now on the look out for a replacement, it is a lovely shape but […]
Posted: September 25, 2021 10:43am

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order