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Dregs of the sale triumph! Got the #peterpetrov jeans for £75 @harrods .. had loads of @lisayangcollection still in store none in line ( dives me mad with Harrods that online is so patchy )
Bought this to kick start Spring 2023! 
Now 70% off @netaporter 
Size up ⬆️ 
Key to successful sales shopping is to find those pieces you will WEAR.
Link to shop in my stories 
Last day of the holidays and  lunch with @grandmajackie77 ❤️ and the family. 
Wearing @raeyofficial @adanola and @newbalance and my @hermes cap.

Don’t forget to check out my second session of @gouri_uk_official with @drsvcosderm on my stories, made a huge difference to the lines around my eyes. 

Back to the office @relovedagain tomorrow we are doing our last Winter stock pick up this and next week, we have a couple of slots left . Details on how it all works on my stories.
Clearing piles  of my own items to make room for the pieces I bought in the sales. 
Happy New Year to all of you ! 
Back home in my pyjamas ( we are on pick up duty, first year the kids are out at parties )

Thank you all for continuing to follow me and for all your kind words and support over the year! 
Promise lots more fitting room selfies in 2023 
Still debating the jeans love the sweater ( definitely going back for it ) 
Love ❤️ 
Anne Marie
So sad to hear of @viviennewestwood passing, feels like the end of an era. 

She always raged against clones and conformity and no one embraced the female form in such a glorious way. 
She always did things her way.

I truly and utterly LOVE ❤️ clothes and they bring  me so much joy. 
What I have learned is that I love Clothes but not shopping. ( something I know a lot of you find too as very little on the market that is exciting and affordable) 
In the words of Vivienne Westwood
“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. “
I spend most of my time researching and far less time shopping and my wardrobe is all the better for it.
Check out @gouri_uk_official live and find out all about the latest and one of the most effective ways to deal with lines around the eyes. 
Over the years I have wasted so much money in expensive eye creams .. which make little or no difference. 

I have banished the crows feet with Botox and @gouri_uk_official will soften those under eye lines . 
To find it more have a read of my blog post. 

Thank you @drsvcosderm this is definitely a treatment to have done by an expert. 
I don’t get paid for this I am just sharing my own journey. 
This is not a miracle but I love that it kick starts my own collagen production and there is no filler etc left in my face, do it has a gentle softening effect. 
Going through a huge wardrobe clear out, while I am waiting for the sales to start in earnest ( hate the one one week in one week off limbo ) 

This top is online now on my shop @relovedagain £35 

Brilliant time to clear as people shopping in the run up to Christmas 🎄 


Have missed being out and about but I now have the best team @relovedagain so a little bit more time on my hands. 

First Stop @epokwoman 
I struggle getting out of leggings and joggers and this brand is the only one that has tempted me in LONG TIME. 

The pieces  allow you to move ( a must for me as so many formal wear pieces are not comfortable) and the fabrics are luscious.

Definitely worth checking out when next in London, the atelier is based in #mayfair .

Fairly priced and a truly welcoming team ! 
Thank you @drsaraht for getting me out !
She is back ❤️ looking forward to bringing you lots of great insights with @drsvcosderm. 

At 52 I have never felt more confident and this is down to this woman.

She has such a gentle  touch and just makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Get in now before she books out and brilliantly located now on #doverstreet.
Photo @alexphoto1
Nothing other than the black @tibi fleece is on sale but 30% isn’t enough .. so waiting ❤️
Have added. Few pieces which I have lived in which are definitely worth checking out.
All on the blog tonight. 
Link in my stories with all the links
New coat bought from @sign_ofthetimes they have a really wide edit in store and on line . 

One of my personal favourite places to shop 
#lookprelovedfirst #sustainablefashion #coatseason
Now get only  10 days before the grey appears in force. 
Hats the only way to go and added this one to my collection today. 

Hat @hermes @webuydesigner  real bargain 
Yep been looking for months and found this flannel top today for £20 at #jaffafleamarket paired with my new joggers from @five_jeans they are perfect 👍 
Why ? 
No bulky ties or waistband 
Not too tight on the calf 
Flattering fabric not too bulky or skimpy 
Worn them non stop 🛑 since I bought them last week 
Just so happy to be touring again still in my @lesvacancesdirina top ❤️ worn it non stop since I bought it in the dregs of the Summer Sale… 

Couldn’t believe the rain in the desert today off exploring #deadsea and #jerusalem 
#buyitforlife #buylessbuybetter 
Had an amazing guide definitely recommend @josh_prac ( we used Malcolm his amazing father a total fountain of knowledge)
First of our #PrelovedEdits featuring @sign_ofthetimes 
We have selected our favourite pieces ( all images are clickable on the blog and you can shop directly from @sign_ofthetimes )

I adore @sign_ofthetimes as they price fairly ! 
More on the blog today link in the bio 
Spotted this in a girl today and ran 🏃‍♀️ off to buy it straight away ( always the best way ) 
Perfect shape @lululemoneurope honesty they have some truly well made T-shirts and long sleeve tops worth checking out 
Leggings @adanola 
Glasses @relovedagain 
Another woman of substance ❤️whose style I adore @lisaingmarinelli 
Love her creed 
“Buy well not often” 
She is also a #savvyshopper 
One to follow if you don’t already 
More on the blog , where we have added preloved and new pieces inspired by this hard working lady ! 
Blaming @lisaingmarinelli for all the hours I am spending trying to track down a fringed shawl - think I might have found one and I cannot wait to share it with you all
Thank you @anna.unwin for @loewe inspiration ❤️ look for the mens often much lower in price 
Bought mine from @lampoo 
Spotted a couple of fabulous pieces for you all and added them to my Preloved Shopping Edits 
Face back to normal after all the sun ☀️ thanks to @drsvcosderm
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