Posted: September 19, 2020 12:11pm


What are we to do when you look in the mirror and your skin looks dull, congested or saggy?

Yes, you could book different treatments to lift, exfoliate and plump up your skin.

I have long begged Dr. Surbhi to introduce a treatment that deals with all these concerns and saves time and money compared to having 3 separate treatments.

This is now called the Envy Platinum Facial.

So what is it?

Step 1:

HIFU ENERGY (A SHOWER OF LIGHT) is used all over the face and neck to stimulate collagen.  Inducing skin tightening and targeting those fine lines around your eyes and crepiness on the neck.  This is painless and has a long lasting effect on your skin.


Step 2:

Using the Envy machine diamond tip, the skin is resurfaced by removing all of the dead skin.  At the same time it also deep cleans the pores (a must after months of sun cream!).


Step 3:

At the same time, customised serums are pumped deep into the dermis, this can be Vitamin C for brightening or Hyaluronic acid to bring a surge of moisture.

The facial is finished off with a session under the LED lights which calms and brightens the skin.

In summary, you get the practical side of cleaning and lifting, but because of the infusion of serums, you are left glowing after your facial, and, with plumped up skin which is now tightened and hydrated.

This treatment has a long lasting because of the HIFU treatment.  However, because of the combination of treatments, all of your personal facial and skincare products will now absorb more efficiently and your make will glide on and look more natural.

You can book the facial through Cosderm – text on 07841 356 906 or email and it costs £350.  Yes, it’s a lot of money but it really is like three treatments in one.





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