Posted: June 4, 2019 9:41am

I find it a permanent struggle to find dresses that are affordable without sacrificing on quality, and not too mumsy!

I was at an event one afternoon and spotted a lady wearing the most beautiful dress I had seen in years. It was winter so she had thrown on a padded jacket over the top. She looked sublime, feminine, edgy and perfectly appropriately dressed.

I quickly made an excuse to chat to her, eager to find out the designer of her dress.  I couldn’t believe it when she told me that it was one of her own creations!

Alessandra Jane is all about wearable, comfortable dresses that can take you anywhere and where the price point is around that of mid-level brands, such as Zadig & Voltaire.

They don’t crease, crucial for packing!

The fabrics are from end pieces, meaning that there are only a couple of each dress. The shapes are flowing, not shapeless, and the minute you put on one of Alessandra’s dresses you feel special.  The fabrics are beautiful and the shapes are timeless yet have a nod to contemporary trends. Not to mention the extravagance in her use of fabric that is seldom seen now days.

The dresses currently come in two styles, a shorter and a longer version (they are easy to shorten), and the arrays of fabrics to choose from is constantly changing.

There is an extravagance to Alessandra’s designs, something that you seldom see anymore. They are old school yet, feel up to date, and her passion for design just oozes from the creations.  They transcend traditional fashion limits.

In a world of fast throwaway fashion and outlandish trends these dresses are a welcome breath of fresh air.

The easiest way to order is to email and payment can be made via PAYPAL – with a 2-week delivery window.

Prices are around £420 for the shorter dresses and £480 for the longer ones.  Admittedly this is a lot of money, but you are getting a classic dress that will last forever. She is also launching a range of tops, bags and throws which I will be featuring as soon as they are ready.

I have added the current colour patterns below (which you can quote).

I have tried on an awful lot of dresses but these are hands down my favourite!

They are masterpieces that you will have and treasure forever and the dresses look as good swishing down the Kings Road as they do at any fancy garden party, wedding or special event.

Have a look at our YouTube video to find out more!



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