Posted: July 6, 2020 9:31pm

So sorry that this is such a short post but I am knee deep unpacking my new office.

Blimey, who thought of bringing back the Bermuda shorts!  Definitely a trend that I will be giving a miss; not only do they add inches to your legs but I cannot help thinking of a cruise ship director or a Butlins redcoat when I see them.

Moving on, in terms of shorts, you absolutely have to try them on as everyone’s body shape is different.  Look for simple waistbands, 4 to 5 inch lengths and always check that they flare out slightly at the thigh to make your legs look thinner.

Though I love denim shorts, cotton is more practical.

Definitely invest in one amazing boyfriend shirt, I have added loads of options below.

A shorts and shirt combination is one of my go-to daily outfits and I have also added some of my favourite pieces below.

Raffia bags are huge for 2020 and I have found the best one from a brand called Source Unknown.

One of the items on my WISH LIST is a pair of satin sandals, there are loads of fabulous ones to choose from below.

Curated Crowd have the best edit of summer jewellery.

I am in the market for a tan belt, am just holding on until everything gets slashed by 70%.





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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter