Posted: May 27, 2020 10:48pm

I have bought so many dresses which have ended up unworn.

When I analyse why, it comes back to the same reasoning:

WHERE AM I GOING TO WEAR THIS DRESS and then buy to match the occasion?

It’s crucial to ask yourself:

If it’s to be worn in town then it cannot be too long, (otherwise you get the dreaded dusty trail), so if you do buy a maxi, I would advise you to lob the bottom.

Nor can the dress be too see-through.  No-one wants to see your pants and wearing a slip in the heat just isn’t practical.

Not to mention the comfort factor.  DISMISS anything that is not cotton, linen or silk.  It might look great online but it will cling and in summer it will lead to a sweat patches.

Think about straps: (strapless is great on holiday but is just inappropriate in town during the day).  The older I get the less I like to see arm pits, I just prefer a sleeve of some sort.

Balloon and bishop sleeves are great for special occasions but not that comfortable for every day use so  best kept for a special event.

Belts and complicated necklines end up leading to a dress being unworn so keep it simple, and, think about UNDERWEAR.

Also, think about the colours and patterns you are comfortable in.  I have bought so many florals and when it comes to it, I just end up not wearing them as I feel better in a simple white or black dress.

This is all down to personality, trying to match the dress to what you feel reflects you.

With the situation we are all in at the moment, it means finding dresses that can be worn at home.  I would wait a bit longer before buying anything too formal, by the time we will need them they may well be on sale.

I snuck in a pair of trousers too, for those who are just not into dresses!


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