Posted: February 22, 2021 3:08pm

We still have some time before we get to socialize outside.

So with the schools not going back until 8th of March we still have time to clear our wardrobes.

Please use us at RELOVED AGAIN to help you achieve this.

Most of our clients clear every season and use this cash to refill their wardrobe.  It’s what I do, check this suit I’m wearing above, I love it but I haven’t worn it for ages, so it can be sacrificed and can go to a good home!  Personally, I clear monthly, and it has made me much more financially aware and stop me just random shopping.  It just makes so much sense, my motto is actually ONE IN THREE OUT, despite the blog title!

We have to be realistic on pricing, especially as the market has been flooded with stock yet there is nowhere to go!  We price to sell realistically and accurately, unlike other sites that either overprice (and undersell) or cherry pick that one great item leaving you with the harder to sell pieces.

It is so easy, just email us on or DM us to 07464153695.  We will need a list of the items, ideally with photos if you can.

We are only taking spring and summer stock for the time being, unless it is a classic perennial piece such as Max Mara Coats/Moncler puffers or Chloe boots.

Sadly, due to lockdown, we cannot currently take formal wear such as evening dresses/work skirts/trousers and tops but i will let you know when that situation changes.

What sells really well, all year round, are sunglasses, wallets, bags (particularly crossbody bags) and scarfs (have to be designer or cashmere).

Our buyers love brands such as Ganni/RIXO/Joseph/Gucci/Louis Vuitton/Golden Goose/Celine etc..

We cannot take any items with damage, but cloths don’t need to be dry cleaned, reasonable wear is OK on bags.

We can arrange a free pick up if you are in LONDON and arrange one or refund you if you are outside London.  Our next pick up is Thursday 25th Feb and then Monday 1st March.

The items we pick up will be listed, priced and a file sent to you to confirm the items we received and a price guide.  We will update you monthly, letting you know what has sold and our payment run is done at the start of every month.

We do have to allow two weeks for returns.  If your item does not sell after three months, we can donate it to charity or return it to you, totally your choice.

We charge 30% Commission on items over £500 and 40% on items under – we cannot take items valued under £50 (unless a it is part of a big collection), this is why we ask you to list/photograph first as we will already have a rough valuation in mind from your list.

Looking forward to being able to help you.


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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order