Posted: September 9, 2020 5:26pm

The weather has changed so quickly!

Suddenly summer dresses just don’t feel right, unless you throw a cardigan or jumper over the top.

I have learnt a few crucial things when I’m shopping for knitwear, and I always keep these in mind:

  1. Check the labels.  I have looked at loads of brands which have the most glorious imagery but the pieces are a ‘wool mix’, absolutely fine if the item is under £50, but not if you are paying over £200.  Hold out for wool and cashmere, acrylic never feels as good on the skin.  AVOID MOHAIR, it sheds everywhere and you won’t get the wear out of it
  2. Think about whether you are wearing the item of knitwear instead of a coat, or is it to go under a jacket?  So many of my jumpers were unworn in the past because they were too thick to wear under a jacket but still not warm enough to replace a coat
  3. Pay attention to getting the right shape and length to go with the items you are going to wear the knitwear with.

The sweater below is old from RAEY, the sizing is crazy ( size down two sizes ) but it is the cosiest jumper I own.

The sweater above is from ZARA. Don’t forget to check Ebay as well the jumper below is just one of the many I have found there.

I have compiled an edit of my favourite pieces, some are more for the Sales Wish List or a fantasy shop.

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