Posted: June 25, 2020 6:26pm who knows me will be aware that I’m a wafter!

My wardrobe is all the better for accepting this about myself.

Wearing something that I can get stuff done in, is also crucial.  I see so many glorious dresses which would be appropriate if I was going for a leisurely wander around the shops, or to lunch, but not for working at your desk, running around, doing the school run etc…

This post is about bringing you pieces that you will feel comfortable in and not be tugging at belts or tripping over hemlines.  Not to mention the dreaded underwear issues thrown up by a lot of dresses.

Remember that Instagram is there to sell stuff!  Because of my shop, I see so many pieces that are gorgeous but have hardly been worn.  Most of the time it is down to the fabric not being quite right, the shape being too tricky to wear and sleeves being too cumbersome.

Also, stock up on strapless bras, bandeau and low back ones as well as boy pants and slips.


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