Posted: October 11, 2020 5:35pm

Knitwear weather is literally just around the corner.

At last, there is a real trend change to simpler pieces.  The rainbow/slogan trend is waning and it is back to classic cashmere in muted shades.

Yes, not necessarily instagramable, but so much more wearable.

This season is all about collared cashmere polo shirts.  Khaite have led the way; I have seen the entire collection up close and it is truly exquisite, but it is so so expensive.  The reality is that they will pile, knitwear definitely takes a beating, and it’s also very tricky to resell as the wear is displayed very quickly.

Another hot trend are short sleeve knits; H&M have done the best one, super practical if you often feel too warm in jumpers.

I have also spotted lots of cardigans worn as jumpers, another big trend for 2020.

We have spoken before about the key things to remember when buying knitwear:

  1. Is it itchy or does it shed?  If yes then AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!  It doesn’t matter how pretty a colour, you just wont wear it
  2. Think about where you are going to wear the knitwear?  Is it light enough to wear indoors or, on the other end of the spectrum, heavy enough to wear instead of a jacket?  Avoid anything in the middle
  3. Rainbows, glitter and sequins are best left to the high street and definitely to be avoided if you are over 45.  Same applies to anything too tent like, ponchos etc, thy add pounds

So what have I invested in?

I bought two mens Marks and Spencer sweaters from Ebay, 1 short sleeve sweater from H&M and I have the Everlane polo knit on my WISHLIST, as I do the ACNE oversized one.

Other brands to look out for are Connoly (made in the same fabric as Gucci) – check out the one above which is my friend Jayne’s from Connoly).  Johnsons of Elgin (the ones we are wearing below), both tips from Jayne who will be helping me with bringing you brands which are less well known but truly beautiful.

Also check out Curated Crowd – Ada has stocked the most exquisite edit of emerging brands.

Check out all my favourite pieces below!

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order